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Dennis Smith, A.I.A.

Dennis Smith, A.I.A. is also a graduate if the USC School of Architecture.(1960) Dennis had worked for BUFF & HENSMAN and other Southern California firms after graduation, but eventually returned as an associate in 1974, a partner in 1988 and became president upon Don Hensman's retirement in 1997

Dennis has made a valuable contribution to the firm's legacy by restoring many of the classic homes that are lucky enough to find willing and able new owners.

Restoration is a delicate balance of knowledge and inspiration for the original works. It also requires recognition of the practical and financial realities of challenging projects.

His work on many of the classic houses, including the Chun/Massar/Bickle and Bea/Hillis residences show how the timeless beauty of the designs can be fresh and exciting still.

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Rose Rendering
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Photo: Dennis Smith
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