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Donald C. Hensman F.A.I.A.


Don Hensman was a six-year old kid from Omaha when his family packed up and moved to California during the depression as his father, a trade magazine salesman was looking for a better life.

Don brought an insistent optimism that helped propel him into each new possibility. Don lived in the next great moment, not the past one.

Don combined a need for precise order and simplicity with fun and spontaneity.

As the more social and extroverted of the pair, Don focused more on construction and people-oriented aspects, while Conrad tended to work more emotionally and internally.

Despite their style differences, the border between their design aesthetic was seamless.

Don built Domus Solaris as a personal bachelor pad on the top of Mulholland with views to the coast and downtown. This was an important house for Don personally and attracted many new clients that wanted something similar.

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Photo: Dr. Ben MIrman