Building California Dreams
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King Residence, Pasadena, CA 1979

This house is a prime example of the design agility and imagination of BUFF & HENSMAN and the foresight of the owner-builders, Carol and Richard King.

The original lot was a leftover storage lot from the construction of the freeway bridge carrying the 134 West out of Pasadena. It was seen by most as massive and intimidating - a lot to avoid. Conrad and Don saw an amazing setting with wonderful juxtapositions between the massive bridge, the natural arroyo and stream. Under their direction, it has the feel and drama of living under the Eiffel tower or the Golden Gate Bridge..

Don and Conrad master-planned this large lot to include a tennis court, a pool, a pavilion and a gazebo that sits privately and serenely by the arroyo stream.

The modest but elegant main house beautifully placed against this amazing backdrop is a tour-de-force of imagination.

Evidence of the success of this project is in its elevation to the national register of historic houses in 2009.

Photos: Anthony Peres
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